Shimmy School Online

Shimmy School Online is the brand spanking new way to access Shimmy School belly dancing classes. But! We don’t just have belly dancing, we have classes to suit everyone! Our classes are delivered via Live video in a private Facebook Group.

All our Shimmy School Online classes last 30 minutes, are open level and follow along, so all you need is something you can access Facebook on (Smart phone, tablet, laptop, smart Tv etc), some water and some space to dance.

Shimmy School Online Classes

We have weekly or monthly passes that give you access to:

  • Two live classes per day delivered by one of our wonderful teachers. Online classes include:
      • Belly Dancing
      • Barre Fitness
      • Dance Fitness
      • Toning
  • Access to class videos for a minimum of a week, if you can’t make the live classes or want to re-cap.
  • Our Shimmy Shows – Belly Dancers Lockdown Live archive, where 3 dancers or performers put on a mini show with a Q&A session afterwards.
  • A Veil Workshop by our lovely Natasha, and any other workshops.
  • Attendance at a weekly outdoor Belly Dance Class**
** only available for those with a monthly pass

How Does It Work?


  1. Purchase your package
  2. Make a note of your order reference number
  3. Join our Private Online Classes Facebook Group and ask to join, entering your reference number in the text box

There you will find all the live classes and help will be on hand if you need it.

New From June

We have added 3 new amazing classes to our timetable!

Strengthen & Lengthen with Gwenny – a low-impact way to improve flexibility and muscular strength and endurance through movement. You will work on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

Stretch and Relax with Gwenny – A calming class combining physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles and relieve stress.

Twerk Factory with Sarah – Learn to pop it, drop it, shake it, wiggle, wine and more. Not only is it ridiculous FUN, but it’s a great workout too. Twerk Factory is a fun, effective way to get fit and stay in shape. The class is designed to teach you the basics of Twerking, starting from scratch, you will learn all the basics; including warm up exercises and routines as well as a Twerk choreography teaching you how to twerk it to the beat.

So get your membership and come and join us!