Shimmy School – What’s new in 2019? 

What’s New?

We are now 9 months into 2019 and this has been our busiest year yet!! Shimmy school are hosting a community belly dance production of Aladdin the belly dance and have been busy working behind the scenes to make the vision come to life. We have been doing various fundraising and publicity events, as well as rehearsals and meetings! Including Carboots and skip diving* 

*with permission from the owner

In February we hosted the first of our 3 Haflas, the Shimmy School Valentines Hafla. We had an amazing night and raised over £800 towards Aladdin the Belly dance. We gave a sneak peak of the opening of Aladdin the belly dance and did one of our old classics. Our second Hafla was in June. We had a great night shimmy-ing and raised another £400 towards Aladdin the Belly Dance. 

Shimmy School Belly Dance ladies doing Aladdin the Belly Dance   Shimmy School Belly Dance ladies doing Aladdin the Belly Dance Shimmy School Belly Dance ladies performing   Shimmy School Belly Dance ladies performing
photos by Ian Spooner

As well as hosting our own haflas, we have been doing lots of performances. This has been to spread the word about Aladdin the Belly Dance! Here we are at Sharrow Festival and Woodseats Festival back in July! 

Shimmy School Belly Dancing Ladies Shimmy School Belly dance Belly Dancers performing Shimmy School Belly Dancing Ladies Posing

What’s Next? 

Well we have a show at Langwith Village Fair on 7th September. Here we will again be spreading the word about Aladdin the Belly Dance. We will also be performing some of our favourite dances!


Some of our amazing members are running the Sheffield 10k on September 22nd. This is to raise more money for Aladdin the Belly Dance. If you’d like to sponsor them, or find out more about their run, please visit their JustGiving Page.


Shimmy School’s Spooktacular Halloween Hafla will be our final hafla of the year, on Saturday 12th October at Crookes Social Club in Sheffield. Not only will we have a great host of dancers from all over the local areas, we will also have stalls to peruse and LIVE MUSIC! Shimmy School are thrilled to announce we are also hosting some marvelous workshops before the Spooktacular, the first of which is “Sassy Saidi” with Shimmy School’s own Natasha Meldrum. We are also very excited for our second workshop, “In the Suspense – Horror/Suspense fusion belly dance” with the talented Kahina Spirit. 

Shimmy School Halloween Hafla


We are continuing behind the scenes and with rehearsals for Aladdin the Belly Dance with all the wonderful performers involvled. And we are, of course, continuing with our weekly Shimmy School Belly Dance classes! 


And finally….

We have Aladdin the Belly Dance performances on 20th and 21st December 2019 at the Merlin Theatre in Sheffield. If you would like more information, or to keep up to date please follow the Project Aladdin 2019 page on Facebook. If you would like to buy tickets for Aladdin the Belly Dance, you can get them  here.

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